We can perform various tasks, both in masts and towers, as well as groundworks and transportation

New Installations

Construction of new masts and towers, site reconnaissance and roads, liaison with landowners and authorities, antenna installation, foundation work, cable laying.


Dismantling of antenna carriers, restoration of the site.


In some cases, the safest method may be to dismantle a mast through, for example, felling. Clearing cables with poles is done in the simplest way with a suitable machine.


Inspection of mast installations, generator service, brush clearing, cleaning of cameras, filter replacement, painting.


We perform various types of groundworks, including foundations, roads, ditching, cable laying, earthing, and tree felling.


Inspections of steel structures are primarily carried out in Sweden.


Training in mast and pole work on-site at the customer's location or in Valskog.

Special Transports

MTUH holds transport permits for all its trucks and service vans. The vehicles are all-wheel drive, and the trucks are equipped with cranes for convenient self-loading and unloading.