Frequent questions and answers

Who is responsible for a mast not falling apart?

Of course primarily the owner of the mast, but the property owner can also be held responsible - unless the conditions are regulated in an agreement with the owner of the mast.

Can you mount additional antennas in a mast?

The mast is normally designed for the antenna equipment already mounted. In those cases a new calculation of the stress of the material involved must be made, and the blueprints revised.

What is a climbing obstacle?

In case the mast owner and/or the property owner has deemed it possible that there is a risk of unauthorized persons climbing a mast, a fence may be set up, or metal sheets attached to the mast, to create a climbing obstacle.

What is a fall safety device?

A fall safety device is a permanent or temporary construction to prevent someone from falling to the ground in case he loses his hold. There are a number of different fall safety devices, and they should be customized to the structures where they are put.

How large is the danger zone around a mast?

The usual recommendation is approximately 2/3 of the height of the mast. Normally icicles, for instance, do not fall farther out from the mast than that. When work is being done on a mast, the danger zone should be extended as much as necessary.

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