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We carry out maintenance, assembling and dismantling work and surface treatment of antenna carriers, masts, towers and similar structures.

We also service related equipment and constructions.

We are specialists concerning all work with masts and towers. Our resources allow us to work from guyed masts, water towers, roofs, steel constructions etc. We carry out work and inspections of these around the world.

In addition to maintenance work, we assemble and dismantle antenna carriers and related sites and equipment. We can also furnish project management and training for projects of these types.

Examples of common maintenance measures include:

Antenna replacements, base foundations, concrete work, replacement of pole and mast parts, fall safety devices, obstruction lighting, raising of masts and poles, earthing, cable laying, climbing prevention, connection, torsion adjustment, logging, twig and branch removal, bracing wire replacement, under moulding. Of course, we can also tear down poles and masts, but this is not what we mean by dismantling. Planning and preparation are crucial to get a good work flow. Tests of masts and poles can be done according to customer specifications, or by using our own testing programme.

The protocol is supplemented by a detailed plan and digital colour pictures. A work team consists to two to four persons, depending on what task the customer has set us to perform. Each team member contributes his or her own professional skills and expertise which makes for a stronger team and facilitates the progress of the work. These specialities can range from qualified welding to computer electronics. The difficult, we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer. We perform our work efficiently and with a high level of quality, regardless of height or the location in Sweden.

We travel in a van or a pickup truck with four-wheel drive and a trailer, carrying the necessary tools. The right tools are essential, saving time, avoiding delays and ensuring quality.

Valskog is situated 140 kilometres from Stockholm and 50 km from Örebro, Eskilstuna and Västerås. Det är 5 mil till Örebro, Eskiltuna och Västerås samt 14 mil till Stockholms centrum från Valskog. Travellling time to Stockholm by car is less than two hours.

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